Fax gateways for SMTP/POP3 servers

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GFI FAXmaker for Networks/SMTP 8.1 from GFI Software Ltd.

GFI Software USA, Inc., 105 Towerview Court, Cary, NC 27513, USA
Voice:+1 (888) 2-GFIFAX, +1(888) 243-4329
Voice: +1(919) 388-3373;
Fax: +1 (919) 388-5621

FAXmaker for Networks/SMTP is a networkfax solution for Windows NT/2000 that allows all network users to send and receive faxes right from their desktop. FAXmaker for Networks/SMTP includes clients for Windows 95/98/ME, NT/2000 and works with most popular networks and fax/modems. FAXmaker includes an SMTP gateway, which means that it can support allow all email users to send and receive faxes from within their email application. Because it supports SMTP, it works with most popular SMTP/POP3 servers and also with Lotus Notes and Novell Groupware.

FAXmaker includes fax forms for Microsoft Outlook, which allow you to use the Outlook client to send and receive faxes, instead of a proprietary fax client. This means that faxes are received in the Inbox together with email, and faxes can also be addressed using the Outlook Contacts folder of Outlook. This means that there is no need to maintain a separate fax phonebook or separate entries for fax contacts. FAXmaker fax server suite integrates with SAP, the top inter-enterprise collaborative solution used by industry leaders worldwide.

FAXmaker still includes Remote user and fax server administration, User configuration profiles, Remote viewing of fax server status, Enhanced document rendering. FAXmaker is the most competitively priced fax server on the market: A 25-user version sells for $650 and a 100-user FAXmaker sells for $1495
Home Page : http://www.gfisoftware.com/stats/adentry.asp?adv=33&loc=3
E-Mail : info@gfi.com

VSI-FAX from Esker Software; formerly VSI, An Esker Company
Lake Forest, CA. 92630
Tel +1-800-556-4874 or +1-949-462-2200
Fax: +1-949-462-3300
VSI-FAX New Version 4.1.1, from VSI, An Esker Company "Fax Any Document From Any Application" For more than 10 years, VSI has been helping companies automate business processes and transactions. As the leader in network fax technologies, VSI can help you eliminate routine manual, labor intensive paper-based activities by fax enabling desktop applications and back office systems.
While extremely powerful and versatile, VSI-FAX is also easy to install and maintain. Administration is fully scalable - from a single user, to a workgroup, to an entire enterprise. Learn how VSI-FAX can simplify your faxing and make you and your employees more productive:
* Fax automation
* Centralized management
* Desktop fax clients
* Universal fax client
* Outlook fax client
* Web fax client
To take a personalized VSI-FAX 4 product tour and receive a FREE download,
please visit our website.
Home Page : http://www.esker.com/ntfaxvfq102
E-Mail : info@esker.com

SuperFax from Pacific Image Communications
Tel: 818-457-8880 Fax: 818-457-8881
A comprehensive fax, data, and voice solution for NT 4.0, 95 and also a 16-Bit version for Win 3.x. Includes Fax-On Demand, fax broadcasting, remote message retrieval, pager notification, Tree-Structure scripting, PBX transferring, Call forwarding, Caller ID, and up to 1000 password protected mailboxes. Available in 14 languages (English, Spanish, French, Japanese, etc.), sales offices in many countries. Automatic modem detection and setup. Supports virtually all standard voice/fax/data modems from 14.4K to 56K. CD-ROM version includes free SuperVoice SDK (C++ and Visual Basic) allows full access to PIC's Windows communications functions and provides customized integration with your application. Also available, 32-Bit SuperVoice Pro 3.0 Multi-line for NT 4.0 and 95 supports up to 4 lines of fax, data and voice communications in a single workstation, it handles multiple line fax transmission and voice call processing. SuperVoice Pro 3.0 single line $149.95, Multi-line is $299.95 per station/server
Home Page : http://www.supervoice.com
E-Mail : sales@supervoice.com

RightFax from Captaris
Captaris, 6303 E. Tanque Verde, Suite 120, Tucson AZ 85715-3858 Phone: 520.320.7000 Fax: 520.321.7456
The RightFax line of products from Captaris (formerly AVT Corporation) offers fax server solutions running on NT that support a wide range of email systems including SMTP and POP3 or a stand-alone client, Fax Util. With RightFax, users can send and receive faxes directly at the desktop.Captaris provides a total approach to electronic document delivery that includes integration with desktop, e-mail, CRM, ERP, mobile delivery and a robust unified messaging solution powered by Captaris' CallXpress. Pricing for RightFax is around $5,000 upwards if you include an email to fax gateway and at least 2 fax lines.
Home Page : http://www.rightfax.com
E-Mail : solutions@rightfax.com

GS Fax PRO from GuideSoft Corporation
from GuideSoft Corporation, Mill Valley, CA, US. Tel: 415-388-0560 Fax: 415-388-6364
GS Fax PRO is an enterprise fax server designed to integrate fax and e-mail. Runs on NT 4 and Win 9x. Supports Exchange 4 and 5 (Intel and Alpha), Domino, CC:Mail, Notes, OpenMail, SL Mail, NetTalk, and any SMTP/POP 3 internet e-mail server. Supports 1-4 ports, Gammafax boards.
Home Page : http://www.gsfax.com
E-Mail : sales@gsfax.com

ferrariFAX-serverPro/NT from Ferrari Electronic

Germany. Tel: +49 3328 / 45 59 0 fax: +49 3328 / 45 59 60
Runs as native NT service (i386) on NT-Server or Workstation. It's also available as a dedicated DOS version and as an NLM for NetWare. MS Exchange support. Included client software (switchable between German and English) for Windows (all versions) and DOS is CAS-compatible. If only Windows is used, a DLL can replace the DOS CAS TSR. Complete high and low level API support as fully documented DLLs. Fax number can be embedded into documents so fax mail merge is just like mail merge printing. Important: ferrariFAX-coprocessor needed; sold mainly in Europe. ISDN direct inward dialing, ISDN group 3 C (64 kbit) and T.434 BFT (binary file transfer) supported. DOS clients can fax from applications through print capture to HP PCL5 converter located at fax server. Fax on demand through DID-polling; up to 8 fax cards/faxserver, unlimited number of faxservers/LAN. Optional: MS-Mail Gateway and SAP R/3 module." is still correct. The interesting thing on that solution is, that the connector for Exchange 2000 will be administrated with MMC Snap-Ins in System Manager and Active Directory Users and Computer. It does not need a schema extension. A Connector which is installed once can completely be removed from the system.
Home Page : http://www.ferrari-electronic.de/
E-Mail : info@ferrari-electronic.de

Fax Sr. Enterprise Server from Omtool

Salem, New Hampshire. 800-886-7845 or 603-898-8900 Fax: 603-890-6756.
Fax Sr. Enterprise for Windows NT version 3.1. A native NT fax server and client, supports Microsoft Exchange, Outlook, Lotus Notes/Domino, SMTP Mail, MS Mail, cc:Mail & IP Faxing. Clients, which load as print drivers, can be on Win NT, Win 9x, Mac, as well as e-mail based clients. They have a Java based client and an ActiveX based client for web-browser based faxing. Fax over Internet and Intranets using T.37 compliant fax machines. Supports TCP/IP, IPX/SPX, and NetBios protocols. SAP R/3, R/2 integration module available. GammaLink and Brooktrout fax boards are supported. Least cost routing and "Global" routing to third party providers. Unlimited modem support, unlimited clients, load balancing, automatic fail over, automatic client registration, in a true client/server architecture. Various inbound routing methods, including DID, DTMF, LDAP, CSID, OCR and cover page routing. Utilities are provided for remote management of multiple servers, worldwide, from any Windows machine. Complete administration from Exchange Server. API available for custom integration.
Home Page : http://www.omtool.com
E-Mail : sales@omtool.com

Faxgate from Esker
Corp Office: 100 East Seventh Avenue, Stillwater, OK 74074 Tel: 405-624-8000 Toll Free: 800-838-2637 Fax: 405-624-3010
Faxgate enables desktop fax for any network and high-volume production fax from any host. Integrating with leading messaging programs, office and business applications, ERP solutions, and network types - including multi-user Windows. New in version 7.0 General Document Recognition which extends fax capability to previously unsupported host applications.
Home Page : http://www.esker.com
E-Mail : info@esker.com

Digitronic Fax Servers from Digitronic Computersysteme
Digitronic Computersysteme GmbH Holm, Germany Tel: +49 4103 88672 Fax: +49 4103 939022
High-performance network NT fax-servers for analog, ISDN and S2M-Lines, from one line to 128 Lines per Server. NT, 95, Win 3.x clients, integrated Mail-Gateways for Microsoft Exchange-Server, Lotus Notes/cc:Mail, Novell GroupWise, Pegasus-Mail, SAP R/3 and HP-OpenMail. All Processes run as services. E-Mail-Attachment-Conversion on the server is supplied. They use their own Communication-Hardware (ISDN/Fax-Boards) and only sell complete Servers consisting of Hardware and Software for 24-hour operation with fault-tolerant communication hardware.
Home Page : http://www.digitronic.de
E-Mail : RM@digitronic.de

Athosfax from Datalink Srl
Datalink Srl, Viale di Trastevere, 108 00153 Rome - Italy Tel: +39 6 5800167 fax: +39 6 5817207
Athosfax 5.1 for Windows NT 3.51 and 4.0. Server runs as a Windows NT service or as a normal Windows application. Clients are available for NT, Win95 and Win3.x.Server runs as a Windows NT service or as a normal Windows application. Clients are available for NT, Win95 and Win3.x. Also supports up to 2 Class 1 fax modems. Athosfax is a store & forward, Client Server, multiuser, multiline network Fax server. Compatible with any LAN OS supporting IPX/SPX, Netbios/Netbeui or TCP/IP and it also is an Internet/Intranet Faxserver solution. Clients can login to remote Faxservers over the net, exchange traffic on the Web and take advantage of local fax delivery. Features include Print-to-fax, MAPI transport provider to integrate with MS Exchange and other MAPI-client, API toolkit (at no extra cost) to integrate with third party applications, phone books import, ODBC support, Archive and Retrieve functions, Inbound routing via DID, DTMF, T30 subaddressing, ISDN subaddressing, CSID and line. Cover page editor with signature insertion, True broadcasting capabilities, Password protection and Management control. E-mail users have a common interface for fax and mail, with the ability to attach document files in their native format. Supports Class 1 faxmodems, Gammalink fax boards and ISDN Capi 2.0 G3 compatible boards and bi-fax channel EICON DIVA Server boards for ISDN. It's fully compliant with MS TAPI so that commercial Class 1 modems can be shared with other Windows apps and RAS. List prices start from $495 (5 users, 1 line), $195 for 1 additional line or for 5 additional users.
Home Page : http://www.athosfax.com
E-Mail : datalink@athosfax.com

ProtoFax 3.1 from ProtoNet
Tel: (800) 551-0636 or (818) 876-0636 Fax: (818) 591-9217
ProtoFax is a software server package designed for Win 98, Win 95, and WinNT. It can immediately deliver faxes and alphanumeric pages from the Internet via E-mail, the Web, or Windows applications. ProtoFax installs easily on standard hardware and runs on existing servers, making it a low-cost, feature-rich, and reliable Internet fax and pager solution. Includes native support for Cold Fusion. Multitasking Fax/Pager Engine, Intelligent Fax/Pager Queue, Enhanced POP client engine can check POP accounts and fax and page simultaneously. Keywords or filters can be included in the subject line of emails - If the keywords are not there, the messages is not faxed or paged. ProtoFax Server version 3.1 starts at $295. Free upgrades from v. 3.0.
Home Page : http://www.protonet.com/efax/
E-Mail : support@protonet.com